10 Things We Learned from HubSpot in 2015

Sometimes it seems like everyone thinks they’re a marketing expert these days. That said, it doesn’t take long to work out who’s the real deal, and who you need to remove from your news feed. It’s clear that one of the strongest and most knowledgeable voices out there is the HubSpot blog, where HubSpot marketing pros share insight, digest research to make it legible to us lay folk, with a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. It’s not exaggerating to say the guys and girls at HubSpot have made a real difference to the way we do our jobs.

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How to Recycle and Reuse Content

5 ways to recycle your content and generate more leads

As marketers we work hard to create every single piece of content. But do you ever feel like a particular piece didn’t perform as well as it ought to? Or it might even have done so well the first time around that it deserves another run out? If so then this handy infographic will show you how to recycle and reuse content.

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Use The Beacon Plugin for WordPress to Create a Content Marketing eBook

Automatically Convert Blog Posts Into an Ebook

Finally! With the Beacon plugin you can now use Wordpress to create a content marketing eBook that looks great and helps you to grow your mailing list.
This is the first official product integration that we have launched. Since most of our users are already working with WordPress we thought this was the perfect opportunity to combine the Beacon functionality with the power of the WordPress platform.

Watch the video to see how it works:

Recycle Content

The plugin allows you to convert popular blog posts into a beautiful, interactive eBook in just a few seconds. It’s a great way to get renewed value out of legacy content that might be buried beneath more recent posts.

Generate New Leads

No WordPress site is complete without a widget to capture email addresses. Since visitors are more likely to subscribe to your list if you offer them an incentive, your newly generated eBook is the perfect way to encourage those sign ups.

Install the Plugin

If you want to give this free plugin a try you can grab it from the WordPress Plugin Directory