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Sometimes it seems like everyone thinks they’re a marketing expert these days. That said, it doesn’t take long to work out who’s the real deal, and who you need to remove from your news feed. It’s clear that one of the strongest and most knowledgeable voices out there is the HubSpot blog, where HubSpot marketing pros share insight, digest research to make it legible to us lay folk, with a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. It’s not exaggerating to say the guys and girls at HubSpot have made a real difference to the way we do our jobs.

2015 has been a great year on the HubSpot blog, and we’ve put together a digest of some of our favorite posts they’re done this year. Check them out and see what you think!

Our favorites:

1. 8 Design Trends That Will Define 2015

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Anyone who’s seen our eBooks won’t be surprised to hear that we LOVE good design. As well as being beautiful, this blog is cleverly divided into “Continuing Trends” and “New Trends”. We like this nod to the fact that trends don’t suddenly stop, they evolve. This truly was the year of the video, and with two references to video (cinemagraphs and background video) this blog was spot on.

2. How to Teach Yourself SEO in 30 Days

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There’s a lot out there online about SEO. And there are a lot of people who promise you they can make a difference (in exchange for lots of your hard-earned cash). This guide is made for people who believe “if you want something done right, do it yourself”. SEO is complicated, but if you follow these instructions, you’ll be more than competent.

3. Marketing in 2015: Not for the Faint of Heart

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One of the most popular blogs of the year, with a massive 932 tweets and 195 Facebook posts, this blog struck a chord with lots of us. It helps readers strike a balance between the science and the storytelling elements of marketing. We came away from this feeling inspired and energized. Definitely one you should check out.

4. This Tweet

This tweet from the HubSpot team set the internet on fire: “Our team mate is out and needs us to move her desk in a seat shuffle. We want to prank her, too! Ideas? #OfficePrank“. Fellow marketers earned their creativity stripes with suggestions like covering her desk with close-ups of cats, and making her Powerpoint show a screenshot of the desktop (she won’t understand why nothing happens when she clicks). What did we learn from this? Two things – 1) how to engage your audience online and 2) sometimes you just have to take a break in the office and have fun!

5. The Best and Worst Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

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This infographic does what it says on the tin. Any information that helps us understand how to reach customers is invaluable. The findings? Facebook – 1pm to 4pm. Twitter – Mondays to Thursdays, 1pm to 3pm. LinkedIn – Tuesdays to Thursdays. Pinterest – Saturday mornings.

6. The Secret Behind High Performing Blog Posts

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You know what your most popular blog posts are (they’re the ones that make it it into your Beacon eBook without a second’s thought), but why did so many people like them (and not the equally interesting blog you posted just a few days earlier)? This blog helps to remove the “hit or miss” element of blogging. Practical advice like picking a broad topic, using a smart headline, bulleted lists and answering questions help to remove some of the mystery.

7. How to Answer 11 Common Marketing Questions Using Analytics

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With almost 1,200 retweets, this blog answers the questions that a lot of us have been asking! Step-by-step instructions with screen shots guide you through the HubSpot analytic tools so that you can be sure you’re getting the most out of them.

8. Creating Content That Sells: 9 Top Lessons From a Conversion Copywriter

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Every single piece of advice in this is helpful, the takeaway point being that different can mean better. Practical advice on writing a headline that really makes people pay attention and how to write content that picks a fight were our favorite tips.

Hubspot SEO tips for marketing

9. What Makes Top Company Blogs So Successful? 

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This article is crammed full of facts and figures to help you transform your blog. We’ve shared the one we found most helpful above.

10. 7 Ways to Be Insanely Honest in Your Marketing

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Let’s be honest, marketers don’t always have a great reputation when it comes to truth-telling. This clever guide helps you to tell the truth while keeping the customer on board. Embracing the elephant in the room, laughing at yourself and saying who your target market isn’t are all tips that resounded with us.

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