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5 ways to recycle your content and generate more leads
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As marketers we work hard to create every single piece of content. But do you ever feel like a particular piece didn’t perform as well as it ought to? Or it might even have done so well the first time around that it deserves another run out? If so then this handy infographic will show you how to recycle and reuse content.

5 ways to recycle your content and reach more people by repurposing content

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Infographic Transcript

5 Ways To Recycle Your Content and Reach More People By Repurposing Content

1. Convert your Blog Post Into an eBook

Collect your articles from your favourite blogging platform (we recommend WordPress), add an introduction and a little bit of information about yourself for credibility.

Use the Beacon plugin for WordPress to convert blog posts into an eBook in just 90 seconds

2. Convert your Blog Posts Into a SlideShare Presentation

Be sure to put all crucial points into individual slides but don’t overwhelm people by including every line or sentence from your article. That defeats the purpose of the medium.

Slideshare is a great platform for content discovery so be sure to include a keyword rich title and description to help users find it!

3. Convert your Blog Posts Into a Series of Tweets

Start by tweeting the key points from the post, then follow up by asking a question about it. If you have included any quotes in your post be sure to turn them into tweets and @ mention the source for some extra promotion. And last but not least, don’t forget to include a link back to the original post!

4. Convert your Blog Posts Into a Video

This one is more simple than it sounds. Record yourself discussing the post and go into more detail about any examples that you mentioned. Be sure to offer practical advice as people are more trusting when they can see your face!

You can record yourself using your computer’s built in camera and microphone.

5. Convert your Blog Posts Into a Podcast

There are a few different ways to do this. Firstly, you can simply record yourself. Alternatively you can use text to speech software. And if you have a slightly bigger budget you can hire a professional from a freelance site like Elance.

Once you have the audio recorded, you can submit it to iTunes, Podomatic, Podbean or any other service.


Repurposing content allows you to serve different audiences, attract buyers at different stages of the buying cycle and most importantly expand your reach!

Have you tried recycling content yet? Tell us about what worked and what didn’t in the comments below!


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