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Here at Beacon we’re all about working smart and saving time wherever possible. If you’re anything like us then you already know the value of e-books, and of blogging. You know digital marketing is about engaging the right audience, at the right time, with the right content. But… you may also struggle with creating engaging blog posts.

If creating the right content for your audience makes look at your to-do list and sigh, then read on. You aren’t alone and there are solutions.

The Problem

You are so busy developing your product and building your company and brand that you just don’t have time to write all the blog posts you need. This means you have no content. No old content. Not much new content. And you have many more things to do then sit around and write content. Yet, you need to create blog posts because you need to strengthen your inbound marketing strategy.

The Solution

Hire 10,000 writers. For real. By signing up for BlogMutt you can get all your content creation problems solved.


Five years ago, a writer and programmer joined forces and created a company called BlogMutt. You can read all about their early days here. But to sum it up: the company has grown to include 10,000 freelance writers and thousands of customers around the world. These writers are fluent in English, checked for quality, and they write quality content around the clock.

How It Works

BlogMutt provides the writers, but you provide topics and directives. This keeps the content within your control. You choose the posts you like. You determine the tone of voice you’d like to project. The content reflects your business and your brand.

Though you might not have five years worth of content, after contracting with BlogMutt you will have, within a few months or weeks, all of the content you need to compile and publish an engaging e-book or lead magnet for your business. Problem solved.

We think that BlogMutt solve such a big problem that we teamed up with them to offer a special discount. Claim yours here.

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