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Website conversions are most likely to happen on the first visit.

Someone who comes to your site multiple times is more likely to buy than someone who’s there for the first time, right? Wrong, wrong and wrong.

The surprising — and unfortunate — truth is that unless your visitors convert on their first visits to your website, your chances of reeling them in is slim. We teamed up with Straight North who uncovered this sad fact after studying more than 350,000 website conversions.

Are you ready for this?

We found that 83% of the time, website conversions happen on the first visit.

That means roughly four out of five times a visitor converts after seeing a website for the first time.

Conversions happened on the second visit only 11% of the time, and the odds get slimmer with each subsequent visit. It might be hard to believe, but about 1% of conversions happened on the fifth visit to a website.

Based on this startling information, it becomes clear that the goal of any lead generation website should be about driving visitors to action on the first try. As part of our research, we’ve also identified some of the most common qualities with highly successful lead generation websites. Some of these qualities are related to content, and some of them are related to website design, but all of them have been proven successful at pushing people into converting on their first visit.

The Full Findings

Finding out how little repeat visits matter to your lead conversion website may be shocking, but it’s important to know so that you can focus on rebuilding your site. There’s no such thing as “window shopping” online — you either get customers the moment they click on your site or you watch them slip away. Your website needs to be more than attractive. It needs to drive people to do business with you immediately. By following the tips in this presentation, you will be able to give your website the tools it needs to draw people in as well as push them into action.

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