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Picture the scene – you sit down at your computer to make a new lead magnet. You have a general idea of what it should be about and you might even know how you want it to look.

But the words won’t come.

You might have writer’s block or you may not be a confident writer. Either way you’re stuck.

But what if you had an assistant who did most of the writing for you?

You could give it some basic instructions and it would instantly give you fully written text.

Today we’re announcing our new AI Content feature to help you beat writer’s block.

Here’s a quick video demo to show you how the feature works:

And here’s a link to the official help documentation for this feature.

We’re incredibly excited about the potential for AI Content to help you create higher quality lead magnets faster.

This feature is our first step into what we hope is a much bigger project but we need your help to make this something that is truly useful rather than just another AI gimmick.

Every time you use our AI Content helper you will be invited to give us your feedback so please let us know what we can do to help solve your content issues.

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