Little Known Promotion Strategies That Will Help Boost Your Lead Magnet’s Traffic

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Let me guess:

You’re stuck, aren’t you?

You’ve tried the usual lead magnet promotion strategies – shared it on social media, optimized the lead magnet’s landing page for SEO, and emailed everyone you know about it – but your traffic still isn’t good enough.

You know that to generate leads; you need to attract more visitors. Much more in fact.

But you’ve no idea what else you could do to bring them to the site.

Luckily, that’s exactly what I’m going to help you with today.

In this post, I’ll show you 4 little known ways to promote a lead magnet and quickly boost your traffic.

Want to know what they are? Then let’s dive right in.

#1. Attach Your Lead Magnet to Authoritative Content You Share on Social Media

Tell me:

What happens when someone clicks on a piece of content you curated on Twitter or Linkedin, for example?

Well…nothing, really.

They just read it. And maybe they share it if they liked it too.

But when it comes to promoting your own content, it almost feels like a missed opportunity, doesn’t it?

Then again, you can’t share only your stuff, right? You also need to curate content, find and share pieces your audience would love. Otherwise, you risk being seen as purely self-promotional.

But did you know that you could point your audience to your content, and that includes your lead magnets too while sharing other people’s blog posts?

Applications like Start a Fire or allow you to subtly advertise your links on the curated content by adding a recommendation box to every article you share.

Here’s how it looks:


And the best part about this strategy is that it’s not intrusive. You’re merely suggesting other content someone might be interested in.

Plus, by including more than one link in the recommendation box, you make it look genuine.

#2. Promote Content with a Lead Magnet to Targeted Audiences with Quuu

This strategy works particularly well for driving targeted traffic to blog posts featuring a content upgrade.

You see, the biggest problem with sharing your content on social media is the reach.

Simply put, you can’t go beyond your connections. You can only share your content to people who follow you on a particular social media platform.

So, the only way for your content to reach a wider audience is when someone else shares it.

And that’s what tools like Quuu help you achieve.

Quuu helps you get your content shared by influencers to their audience.

With this tool, you can create a social media update, and share it to a category that’s most relevant to your audience. Quuu then will share the content via real-life influencers profiles in that category.

I admit, I never tried to promote a lead magnet’s landing page via Quuu and I can’t tell if it would pass their hand-curated standards.

But I’ve used it to promote posts that feature content upgrades and lead magnets, and to good results.


Note: Quuu charges a fee once your content gets accepted for promotion, with prices ranging from $10 to $30, depending on the category you choose.

Other alternatives to Quuu include ViralContentBuzz and CoPromote. They both work just like Quuu. However, you can earn points on these platforms for sharing other people’s content and then, put towards promoting your links.

#3. Answer Questions on Reddit, Quora or Forums and Pitch Your Content

Every day your target customers log in to sites like Quora, Reddit or industry forums to ask questions relating to the topic of your lead magnet.

For example, here’s one question we could easily answer:


What’s more, those questions are public, meaning that other people interested in the topic will see them and answers to them as well.

Use this as an opportunity to position yourself as an expert in the field, and also, promote your content or lead magnet.

To make the most out of this strategy:

  • Seek specific questions relating to your lead magnet’s topic. Although there might be fewer of them, these posts will drive a heavily-targeted traffic to your eBook or checklist.
  • Provide in-depth answers. Don’t just post a one sentence answer, followed by a link. That’s hardly enough to convince someone to your expertise, and in turn, entice them to click on your link. Explain the solution in full, and only then, pitch your lead magnet as a resource where the person could learn even more.
  • Be open about linking to your content. Don’t be afraid to pitch your content. If you’ve provided a meaningful and informative answer, then no one will mind a reference to another source of information. Write a call to action that explains what you’re linking to and compels a reader to take action.

#4. Repost Content to Other Channels

(Note: I picked this promotion strategy from my friend, Hannah Chaplin from You can hear me and Hannah discuss it here. )

I’m sure you already understand the idea behind repurposing content.

After all, you probably already created a lead magnet by reusing your existing blog posts.

This lead magnet promotion strategy is based on the same concept.

However, instead of repurposing your content into other formats, you use it as is but publish on different channels to reach a wider audience.

Your potential audience uses different channels to find new content.

Some of them will visit your blog. But many might prefer to read stories on Linkedin Pulse or follow brands on Medium, for instance.

And so, you can reach those people by simply reposting your content on those channels.

You can use this strategy in two ways:

Repost content that features links to your lead magnet’s landing page.  Rachel Foster, for example, ends the reposted content with a “Ways to Apply this Information Now” section that features a call to action to a lead magnet.


Inspired by Rachel, I’ve been using a “Next Steps” section that compels readers to go to my lead magnet’s landing page.


Repost sections from your lead magnet, and include a call to action to a page where they could download the entire document. In this strategy, you use the content from the eBook to entice readers to learn more about it.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure you know this already, attracting visitors to your lead magnet isn’t a small feat.

And although the traditional promotional strategies, social media, email or SEO work well to deliver traffic, to attract even more potential leads, you have to go beyond the obvious and try to promote the lead magnet in a way no one else does.

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