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Editing your first lead magnet

If you followed the instructions in our previous article then you’ll have a basic lead magnet set up.

Now it’s time to edit that lead magnet.

Use the left-hand menu to navigate to the ‘Lead Magnet Dashboard’.

Now, ensure that ‘Your Lead Magnets’ tab is selected:

And finally, click the title of the Lead Magnet that you want to edit:

Once the Beacon editor opens you will see this screen:

You can edit pretty much change anything you see but before we dive in, let’s review some quick Beacon terminology:

You’ll see this referring to your lead magnet as a whole. Document settings, for example, are used to change the overall settings for the entire lead magnet (versus a single page). Learn more about document settings here.

Every lead magnet is made up of pages. These are the foundation of your lead magnet.
Learn more about Page Settings here.

Cards make up the elements on the pages. Cards are pieces of content, the creative elements. A card could be a text block, an image, a headline, a spacer, and more.
Learn more about Cards here.

Now onto the fun stuff!

Editing the layout and design

To edit any element on a page, just click it. When you click the element it becomes active and the menu on the left hand side will change. In this example we have clicked on the headline to activate it:

You can also highlight text on the page and replace it with your own text:

You can go through each page in your document and make changes in this same way.

Once you are happy with the look and feel of your document just click ‘Publish’

Click here to learn more about the publishing process.

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