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Summer is here and with it comes the hotel industry’s busiest time of the year. We put together this content marketing for hotels action plan to help your marketing department create amazing content this summer. The guide includes content marketing ideas, recommended content marketing tools and actionable goals for you to work towards.


Useful Themes for Hotel Marketers This Summer

  • Summer holidays
  • World Cup
  • Independence Day

Key Dates to Incorporate in Your Content Marketing for Hotels

  • 4th July – Independence Day (USA)
  • 13th July – World Cup Final
  • 14th July – Bastille Day (France)
  • 1st August – International Beer Day

Top Tips for Hotel Content Marketers

Cross pollinate content across various distribution channels. For example, use your Instagram photos to liven up an email newsletter and increase your awareness of your Instagram account.

Content Activities

Photograph a different dish from the hotel restaurant every other day

Goal: To grow your social media following by encouraging likes and retweets

Tool: Instagram

Distribution: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

Interview with Key Staff Member

For example a spa therapist or general manager. Quick fire questions work best here.

Goal: Showcase expert knowledge of staff members to increase brand trust.

Tool: Company blog

Distribution: Email newsletter, Beacon magazine

Digital Magazine Targeted to Local Tourists

Focus on content that appeals to evening and weekend visitors (restaurant, live entertainment, family days)

Goal: Promote secondary services to customers who are unlikely to stay overnight

Tool: Beacon

Distribution: Email newsletter, company website, Twitter, Facebook