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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ll know that social media is one of the best channels for audience growth and that’s particularly true when it comes to promoting your lead magnets.

So what happens once you’ve created a great lead magnet for your blog post? The world needs to know, and social media is the perfect platform. You have an audience that has chosen to like or follow you, so you can target this content directly to them as it will more than likely be something they are interested in. So how do you make sure that your social media updates don’t get lost in the never ending feed of your followers?


When it comes to lead magnets on social media, storytelling is the key component of success; if you can tell an effective human story then you are sure to create awareness for your download. Your lead magnet will attract more attention from a social media campaign that really resonates with people. This will allow you to increase conversions, strengthen brand awareness and create more opportunities for customer loyalty.


Make your content unique to you and try to invoke an emotion from your readers. You can get them to laugh with a funny (but appropriate) image or make them appreciative with a guide on how your product or service has affected someone’s life. Youtube is also a great platform that you can visualize your ideas on. Make sure that you also attract attention with the best cover photos and images for your social media posts.

Most Popular Social Media Tools

There’s a wide range of social media marketing tools available today that are sure to help you. This infographic features the top 20, as voted by 123 of the world’s top social media marketers.

lead magnet social media tools infographic

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