What Is A Custom Domain?

Whenever you publish a Smart PDF with Beacon, our website address is included in the URL. It looks like this:

This is the default setting but it might confuse some of your readers. They’ll probably see that and think “Huh? What’s a Beacon?! I don’t know these guys!”

Don’t worry, we won’t get offended but it’s probably a good idea for you to clear up any confusion sooner rather than later so you don’t risk the trust of your audience.

Thankfully you can do that with our custom domain feature. Once you set that up you can use your own web address. It would look something like this:

See here for full details on how to setup your own custom domain.

Professional Plan

If you are on the Beacon Professional Plan then you can use one custom domain for your account. This is useful if you only plan on publishing Smart PDFs for your own website.

Agency Plan

If you are on the Beacon Agency Plan then you can use as many custom domains for your account as you need. This is useful if you are publishing Smart PDFs on behalf of multiple clients.


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