Customize Library

To customize the design of your library page, select this option:

This menu is split into two panels:

1. Customize Page

These options help you to control the overall look and feel of the page:

2. Resource Area

The resource area refers to the section of your library where each individual resource is displayed:

This panel itself is split into four sections:

1. General

Thumbnail orientation – change the size and shape of the resource thumbnail.

Style – change the style of each resource item’s containing area

Text alignment – change the alignment of the text within a resource item’s containing area

Featured resource – click this option to draw attention to the first resource in your library.

2. Container

Change the basic design settings of a resource item’s containing area:

These settings will be applied to each resource container:

3. Resource Title

Change the text settings of the Resource’s Title:

4. Resource Description

Change the text settings of the Resource’s Description:

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