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How to Use Analytics Data to Get More Email Subscribers

get more email subscribers

I’m sure you’ve heard the advice before – to get more email subscribers, you have to keep producing fresh content continuously. But do you really? Because you see, there is another way to increase email list signups – by analyzing your visitors’ behavior, and identifying and fixing popular but underperforming content. And in this post, […]

How to Create More Powerful Content Upgrade Calls to Action

Content upgrade calls to action

Do you worry about your content upgrades’ conversion rates? Wonder why many users ignore any calls to action you placed in the content to promote them? You know: Content upgrades can generate impressive, often double-digit conversion rates. But to achieve such results, you really need to make sure that your content upgrade calls to action correspond […]

This is How to Write a Gripping Welcome Email

welcome email

I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this: Writing the welcome email you’ll send to every new subscriber is so intimidating. You want to reassure them they’ve made the right choice by signing up, kick start your new relationship, and get them to wait for your future emails too. But you have no idea where to begin […]