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Why You Must Promote Lead Magnets Outside of Your Site Too

Promote lead magnet

Here’s a common mistake I see marketers make when promoting their lead magnets: They think that since they created an eBook or a content upgrade to generate leads from the site, then, naturally, they resort to only promoting it there. They create relevant calls to action, build landing pages, and use a multitude of strategies to […]

Why You Should Always Send the Same Email Twice

Send email twice

This week I want to show you an incredibly powerful strategy that could easily boost your email open rates by up to 30% …with hardly any work, at that. Promise. It’s a technique that helps marketers like Noah Kagan, Dave Schneider, and many others improve their email performance, and even get higher engagement from their messages. So, […]

How to Boost Email Signups by Removing These 4 Conversion Killers

removing conversion killers to boost email signup rate

It’s so frustrating, isn’t it? You’ve tried literarily everything – improving calls to action, writing killer headlines, and promoting the h**l out of your lead magnets too. And yet, visitors still refuse to sign up to your email list. But you know, the chances are that your site includes conversion killers that deter visitors from even noticing […]

This is How to Write an Irresistible Email Call to Action

Email call to action

Oh, I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this: seeing email stats showing people opening your message and then, completely ignoring the call to action is so heartbreaking. After all, you’ve put so much effort into crafting that email, hoping to attract subscribers back to the site. But there’s nothing… Days pass, and your click-through […]